History Of ITCOeICT

Background Information

The goverment of Tanzania signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU) with the government of India for Cooperation in Information Technology and Services in September 2004. As a consequence of the signed MoU. the government of India carried our a feasiblity study in August 2006 of establishing an information technology training centre in Tanzania. After a successful feasibility study, the government of India in March 2008, signed another MoU with government of Tanzania to establish the centre of excellence in Information and Communication Technologies(ICT) in Tanzania. The government of Tanzania through its letter dated 11th July, 2008 with Ref No. CA 97/117/01/A, apointed DIT as the implementing Agent of the project and thus resulted into an establishment of the India Tanzania Centre Of Excellence in ICT

Objective Of Centre

The principal objective of the ITCOeICT is to promote development of ICT in Tanzania In order to realize the stated objective , the ITCOEICT was originally established to provide various professional services in ICT Inluding

  • Video Conferencing
  • Telemedicine and e learnig facilities
  • High performance Computing (HPC)
  • Conducticting modular short term proficiency courses..
Currently , ITCOeICT is focused in providing various professional services including consultancy and support in ICT